All quiet on the Western Front

So I bother 4 different forums (, bluegeckonetwork, netmag, and and drive traffic to the forum, services page, and FWDX pages but no conversion whatsoever. Clearly something is amiss. A o% conversion rate is not very good. So I can summise that there are issues with these sites. Well with the forum at any rate.

However, if you think about it, the visitors who are arriving are already using an up and running busy forum, so why would they sign to another one that has little or no activity? The point being that I’m targeting the wrong audience. The other point is that the freelance forum still covers subjects that are covered comprehensibly by the forums from whence these people have come.

So, plan of action: (1) make the forum subjects more specific to freelance issues and subjects (so do some research about what these are); (2) think about where this audience is, other than on forums themselves. Where else are these people hanging out? Can they be caught via Google/MSN searches?

What is my objective? This is all significant levels of work, but for what purpose? The original intention was for improving the SEO on the main site, but I like forums: I use them a great deal and have learned much in doing so. For that reason I’d like to have a forum of my own, but covering subjects that appeal to me, and are of use to me. Likewise, the FWDX site I would use a resource for getting at useful links (the articles kina being already in my head from having written them).

Summary: I like web design. I would like to do more of it. I think these sites will contribute to my web presence for gaining work, and will contribute to my abilities, skills [same thing, shurely – Ed], and understanding of how to create a good web page.


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