Holiday thinking time

Soon I’ll be off to southern France for a couple of weeks (so prepare for unmoderated forum [lol]). How I will cope with being away from the net (forums, email etc..) I know not. However, it’s good to take a time out, re-invigorate the creative juices, take loads of photos of the area, and think big thoughts.

The ‘big’ thoughts are about setting up a business as a full time freelance designer and developer. Not yet, but in about 6 months time. What I need to sort out in my head is an overall strategy, future plan (where should I be in 5 years), and what possibilities there are for partnership with a medical eMedia company I do work for. If I can think these thoughts casually and without normal day-to-day preasures, just a cold beer and a swimming pool (OK I’ll try to ignore the screaming kids, wife and in-laws) then perhaps the great ideas fill fall into place. Then when I get home, get it onto paper and them start approaching the right people for helps and advice. Keep you posted.

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