A list of things to come

I need to draw up a list of things to place into the resources section of the FWDX site. In fact it need organising into sections – subject: links (external resources), articles, tutorials.

Subjects with no entry: ASP, CSS, databases, HTML, PHP, SEO.

The easiest thing would be to at least get the links in. As for articles, I suppose I’ll just start at the top and work down. ASP here we come…

On a general design point, I just can’t stick the css scroll window. I think, to enhance readability I’ll have to get the exended content sections to run down the page, and brighten the background a little. Don’t want to give users a headache.

Lastly, heaven knows when I’ll get a PR but I suppose, once the site looks reasonable filled I can start bother folks for a link swaps.

Anyway, on with some work.


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